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SNDA Volunteers at Friday Night Supper Program

On Friday March 16th, 2018 SNDA volunteered with the Friday Night Supper Program at Arlington Street Church!

Heather Smith (D20) reflects: “We were able to provide over 100 guests from all around Boston with a free and nutritious meal. We served along side with a group of volunteers from Regis College and Boston Cares organization. It was fun to talk with guests, some asking about our journey through dental school!”

150th Anniversary 2018 Time Capsule: Student Volunteers needed!

TUSDM is creating a time capsule to celebrate 150 years! The time capsule will be filled with significant and everyday items from TUSDM, Tufts, and Boston. Volunteers are needed to define the capsule guidelines, coordinate items, and schedule the “open” date.

Contact Marie Schick, the 150th anniversary project coordinator, at for more information on getting involved!


Congratulations to Agatha Kao D18–Named ASDA National Delegate of the Year!

We are so proud of our very own Agatha Kao (D18), who has won the National Delegate of the Year at the most recent ASDA Annual Session in Anaheim, California. Agatha has done so much for Tufts ASDA and she is such an inspiration to so many of us. She has served as her ASDA Class Representative for all of her four years here and has served as the ASDA District One Councilor as well as the first delegate of our chapter this past year. Thank you for everything you have done for us and the future of our profession. Congratulations Agatha!

NOW OPEN: NHSC Loan Repayment Program

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is NOW accepting applications to their loan repayment program! Primary care medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health clinicians can receive up to $50,000 to repay their health profession student loans in exchange for a two-year commitment to work at NHSC-approved sites in high-need, underserved areas.

Click here to learn more!

Applications are due Monday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m. ET

Bates Day 2018 Winners

On March 7th, TUSDM held their annual Bates-Andrews Research Day in celebration of George A. Bates and alumnus who taught both Tufts medical and dental students. Bates Day includes posters with students demonstrating their research projects and other commercial exhibitor displays. Check out the winners below!

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SNDA Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month 2018, the Tufts Chapter of Student National Dental Association (SNDA) spent the month of February celebrating over a variety of professional development, community service, and social events. SNDA’s guiding theme as an organization this year is “Stronger, Together.” This motto was chosen to reflect the growing number of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds within the TUSDM student body and the collective strength, skills, and leadership we are striving to contribute within the greater Tufts community.

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D19 and D20 CSLE Lunch and Learn!

D19s and D20s: Save the date and join Donna C. Jones, DMD, MPH, and MassHealth Dental Director for the first ever CSLE lunch and learn on May 1st!

Dr. Jones will discuss how to optimize dental delivery for patients with access and social determinant barriers.  She will address community health care models you will encounter during your Externship Rotation and present ways to optimize interprofessional collaborations with community health centers.

Recap: Annual Student Leadership Workshop–A Great Success!

On February 21st, Nancy Marks, Dept. of Public Health and Karen Alexander, Student Affairs, hosted the Annual Student Leadership Dinner and Training. With almost 50 leaders attending, evaluations deemed it “a great success”!

The workshop consisted of a series of group activities and discussions led by guest trainer from Tisch College, Mindy Nierenberg.  Mindy immediately made people feel comfortable and set a pace that allowed participants to relax after their long days in clinic and class.

The first exercise involved a self-assessment on communication preferences and styles. Students were able to gain insight on the way they approach situations and conflict in small group discussions, which were then brought together to the entire workshop.

“This was a nice opportunity to take a step back and realize how many aspects of leadership exist and the many different definitions of what a leader is. I throughly enjoyed myself and look forward to applying the discussed concepts to my day-to-day opportunities showcasing leadership,” Joseph Dudlek (D21) reflects.

After group discussions regarding several leadership topics, strategies, and difficulties, the students were able to work together in an active, team-building exercise. Students were randomly assigned into groups of 4-5 and asked to build a tower with limited supplies: tape, paper, a few cups and a paper plate. If that wasn’t hard enough there was another catch: They were only able to discuss a plan at the beginning and during the actual building of the tower no talking was allowed.  What broke the silence? Laughter– as groups endeavored to work together and build a five foot tower that would stand up to Nanc’s ‘huffing and puffing’ on it.

Vendita Correia (D20) states: “There is something special about people working together who span various racial, socioeconomic, and other socially constructed groups. In other circumstances these people would may not be grouped together and that is what was so awesome about this activity.”

Overall, the Student Leadership Dinner and Training demonstrated to many of our student leaders ways that they can improve their roles within their perspective organizations and through TUSDM as a whole. We look forward to next year’s workshop! (Pranali Vyas, reporting for Dental Central)

First Middle Eastern Dental Society Meeting!

On March 5th, the Middle Eastern Dental Society will be having their first interest meeting as they prepare to launch as a student organization!

Read below to learn more about their mission statement and goals as a student org: “To engage students in understanding current Middle Eastern issues pertaining to oral health and overall health. Our aim is to foster and encourage the Middle Eastern culture, traditions and customs. We hope to showcase Middle Eastern heritage to all students at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. The MEDS encourages all students to join in order to promote oral health in the Middle East and engage in Middle Eastern culture and traditions. MEDS aims to welcome all students of all races, religions and cultural backgrounds.”

ADEA Hackathon

On February 24, ADEA chapters at Tufts, Harvard, BU, UConn, Touro, and Stony Brook participated in a curriculum Hackathon held at Harvard School of Dental Medicine! Students were grouped into teams and were given just two hours to design their own innovative dental school, focusing on curriculum topics of their choice. Teams focused on hot topics like Public Health and Community Service, Technology, Public Policy, Interprofessional Education, Research, and many more! Presentations were judged by a panel of deans and professors, including Dean Karimbux.

Here are some students reflections!

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