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SAMDA General Meeting 9/7!

The South Asian Medical and Dental Association will be POSTPONING its first general body meeting until Friday, September 7th from Noon-1PM in room 773.
Everyone is welcome to attend and hear about this years upcoming events as well as meet other members. Bring anyone who is interested! Lunch will be provided.
Attention D22s! If you are interested in becoming the SAMDA D22 representative, please attend the general body meeting to learn more!

Global Perspectives: Tufts Photo Contest!

Extended Deadline to:  October 26, 2018

Global Perspectives: A Tufts University Photo Contest

As you travel abroad this summer, prepare for the 2nd annual Global Perspectives Photo Contest!


Photos should have been taken when graduate and undergraduate Tufts students were studying, working, interning, or conducting research abroad or, in the case of the last theme should represent global perspectives on Tufts’ campuses in Boston, Grafton, or Medford during the last year (i.e. during one or more of the following terms:  Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018)

Photos taken prior to matriculation at Tufts, post-graduation, or on personal travel abroad (i.e. vacation) are ineligible.


  • Up to 3 photos can be submitted
  • All photos should have been taken by you or have you in it
  • All photos must be at least 1200×800 pixels (or 800×1200 for portraits)
  • Please name your file with your name, location and the term.
    • ex. janedoe-mumbai-spring2018


The 2018 Global Perspectives Photo Contest categories are:

  • One Health
  • Reclaiming the Human
  • Climate, Food, and Water
  • Secure and Equitable Society
  • Living Technology

Students will be asked to write a brief reflection paragraph to explain their rationale for choosing their photograph and theme. These themes were drawn from the research and scholarship themes identified through the Office of the Vice Provost for Research’s strategic plan.


Photographs will be judged on their aesthetic value and on how well they respond to the category. Attention will be paid to ensure that photos are well representative of the University as a whole.

Winning photos will be displayed on the Global Tufts website and in a rotating exhibit on the Medford, Grafton, and Boston campuses.


We would like to use submitted photos on print materials and Tufts’ websites and will ask you to give permission to publicly share your photo upon submission.


The contest will open in August 2018 and the deadline is October 26, 2018 (formerly September 28th)Please check this site for submission instructions.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call 617-627-4733.

The Opioid Project

When Nancy Marks is not busy at Tufts working on community service projects with the dental students, she is actively pursuing her love of art in ways to bring about positive change in the lives of those affected by the opioid epidemic.  Nanc’s most recent endeavor, “The Opioid Project” is a visual art and oral storytelling program for those affected by the opioid epidemic.

A link to the article that appeared in the August 12th Sunday edition of the Boston Globe is:

Check it out!

Lunch and Learn with Dr. Yu, Yau-Hua

Dean Huw F. Thomas’ 150th Anniversary Lunch and Learn Series presents:

Dr. Yu, Yau-Hua

“Women’s Health and Periodontitis”

Thursday, August 30th at 12pm

Rachel’s Amphitheater – 1414

 “Precision Medicine in oral health has yet to happen! In this presentation, Dr. Yu will overview her research path and focus on her recent NIH K23 award aiming at exploring genomic determinants of periodontal disease. Her study was primarily conducted in the Women’s Health Study at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.”



Multicultural Fair!

If you found your stomachs growling last Tuesday, it might have been from the amazing smells of the array of foods being offered by members of a number of the cultural student groups on campus to welcome the incoming D22 class. Members of the Italian Club, SAMDA, ADO, PASDAD, NEHMDS, KADA, MEDS, LGBTA+, HDA, and SNDA dished out a variety of food ranging from banh mi to baklava in celebration of the cultural diversity at TUSDM. Many thanks to all those who participated joined in and to the Student Affairs office for organizing the annual outdoor multicultural fair!

D22 Speech-Writing and Presentation Support!

Are you a D22 Running for an Elected Position?
Attend a Speech-Writing and Presentation Support session!

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018
4:30 – 5:30 PM

Open to D22s who are running for an elected position and want some pointers on speech writing and presentation. Special guests include TUSDM student leaders who have run for office.

Relaxed atmosphere.

Run by Nancy Marks, Community Service Coordinator.

Snacks! RSVP to

HDA Volunteers with Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Future

On June 19th, Mather Elementary School hosted Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Future mobile dental van. The Tufts Student Hispanic Dental Association mobile van featured two dental chairs for patients in the community.

Sandy Lopez (D20) reflects: “The dental chairs were used for conducting dental screenings and a waiting area where kids learned about oral health instructions and healthy habits. I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Martha Forero, Professor Dolan, Nancy Marks, and Lynne Cataldo for making this possible.”

AAPD at the Chinatown Stabilization Block Party!

On Saturday, August 11th members of TUSDM volunteered at the Chinatown Stabilization Block Party to provide oral health education to the Chinatown community. Five students including myself along with Dr. Forero represented both the Tufts AAPD Chapter and the Tufts Pediatric Clinic at the event.

Nika Darabi (D20) reflects: “While this was not my first time attending an event like this, it was my first time seeing such a great turnout despite the persistent rain all day. Due to the rain, the block party was moved inside but as soon as the doors opened, our table was rushed with children. They were so excited to brush the monkey, Dracula, and our stuffed lion’s teeth and to get their free sample of tooth brush and tooth paste. As the kids were practicing their brushing, we did our best to ask how they normally brush and then demonstrate a more effective technique to both them and their parents. Although there were some children who were scared of the toys and did not want to listen, there were many who were so interested that they returned to our table 3 and even 4 times. After the kids practiced brushing, they were given a dog sticker as a prize. For parents, we handed out broachers on how to best brush and floss to help their children achieve good oral hygiene. Overall, this event was truly one of the best events I have ever been to. It was such a great reminder to see how you can make educating kids and their parents on oral hygiene fun and interactive!”

Divya Suresh (D20) reflects: “All the kids ran straight to the booth when they saw all the toothbrushes and animals. They were very eager to show us how they brush and get their stickers and tooth brushes. Because most of the children had immigrant parents, some children and adults did not understand the importance of oral health. After discussing the importance of finding a dental home, proper nutrition, and attending re-care exams, the parents and children were visibly excited. They wanted to learn more about brushing techniques and how they could set up a dental home for their children. It really put a smile on my face when I saw how interested the kids were and how our efforts made a positive impact on their lives.”

Participants: Zach Kishbaugh D20, Katherine Ynsinare D21, Nika Darabi D20, Qian Lin D20, Divya Suresh D20, Leticia Cuellar D19

Smile Squad at Chinatown National Night Out

On August 7th, Smile Squad members volunteered and provided oral hygiene instructions at Chinatown’s National Night Out!

Thais Antunes (D20) reflects: “It was a great way to spend time in our own neighborhood and provide oral hygiene instructions. Dental students Thais Antunes ( D20), Simran Kaur (D20), Katie McKenna (D20), Samantha Parad ( D21), Lauren Lubowitz (D21), Pranali Vyas (D21), Husam Abu-Sneineh (D21), Alyssa Kotin (D21), Henry Hsu (D21), and David Alpert (D21) demonstrated proper brushing techniques using puppets. Flossing techniques were also taught using Legos. Children practiced wrapping the floss around their fingers and removing play-doh which resembled the food that gets stuck between our teeth after eating. The hands-on activity kept them intrigued as we taught them more about the importance of proper oral hygiene. We also asked questions like how often they brush and for how long. It’s a great way to promote good oral hygiene to the children.
This is a popular event that is held every year in Chinatown. It is organized by Tai Tung Village to unite the community. Many booths were present promoting healthcare and activities for the children and families. We even learned a few words in Mandarin to better interact and bridge the communication barrier. Luckily, we had one volunteer Henry Hsu (D21) who taught us several words and was able to communicate with those who didn’t speak English. Overall, this event was a great opportunity to interact with the community around us. We dental students are always busy in classes, lab, rotations, clinic and forget the need for care that exists right outside our doors. We hope to see a difference as we continue to educate our local community about the importance of oral hygiene!”