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HDA East Boston Community Service


On October 14th, Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) at Tufts volunteered for the East Boston Community by promoting oral health care to children.

Isabela Aguirre (D20) reflects: “It was great to come together as HDA members for this event since many of the student volunteers were fluent Spanish speakers and many of the kids in the community we helped in could not speak english. Not only were we were able to successfully teach oral health to kids, but we were able to form a connection with them with our cultural similarities.”

Smile Squad at Medford Health, Wealth, and Fitness Fair

On September 28th,  Tufts D20 Smile Squad Students (Thais Antunes, Catherine McKenna, Sandy Lopez, and Simran Kaur) and Biniam Legesse (Pre-Dental Student) volunteered at the Medford Health, Wellness and Fitness Fair held at the Medford High School.

Simran Kaur (D20) reflects: “This is an annual fair which is open to the families in Medford community. Dental Students interacted with families and provided oral hygiene instructions to kids and adults. We also gave out toothbrushes and toothpaste to those who attended the fair. During our interactions with families, we were able to tell them about our school and about the various clinics we have to meet their dental needs! Overall, it was a positive and fun experience to interact with local community members and share the importance of oral hygiene.”


LGBTQA Soup Kitchen Health Screenings

Tufts Dental LGBTQA gathered last week to provide dental screenings and oral health exams at the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen. The East Boston Community Soup Kitchen serves meals once a week on Tuesdays and is always looking for more volunteers; call 310-529-1127 or e-mail for more information. Thank you for providing service to our community!

To get more involved in LGBTQA check out their DC home page!