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ASDA, ADEA, and Admissions Host Pre-Dental Day!

Tufts ASDA, Tuft ADEA and the TUSDM office of admissions hosted the annual Pre-Dental day at Tufts on Sunday April 28th. Pre-dental day is a full day event where those interested in the dental field are able to expand their knowledge about what lies ahead on the dental career path.

During the day students were provided with information about the application process, given an admissions presentation by our very own Gillian Anzivino, learn about life in dental school, and engage in pre-clinical laboratory activities such as wax-ups and composite. In addition, attendees were able to take part in smaller break out sessions, where they got to ask student panels about application building, DAT prep, life at Tufts, and mock interviews. Visitors were able to interact with students throughout the day and get to see the Tufts Dental facilities up close. It was a successful event with over 70 pre-dental visitors, and both volunteers and attendees had an amazing time together! Till next year’s event, Go Jumbos!

AAPHD Weekly Health Policy Fact

A recent article published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry reported on the effect of Affordable Care Act expansion in Oregon. The state elected to expand oral health services to children and adults, and offered plans with varying levels of non-surgical root canal therapy (NS-RCT) coverage.

  • Children ages 0-20 and pregnant adults over the age of 21 are covered for anterior, premolar, and first molar NS-RCT. Adults over the age of 20, up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, are covered for anterior and premolar NS-RCT.
  • The Oregon Health & Science University Graduate Endodontic Clinic analyzed NS-RCT treatments provided by their clinic pre-Medicaid expansion, and post-Medicaid expansion. They found a 28% increase in the overall number of NS-RCT procedures. For patients that were enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan with the dental benefits, there was a 363% increase in NS-RCT procedures from pre-expansion to post-expansion.
  • Non-surgical root canal therapy is a valuable treatment that allows patients to maintain their natural teeth, as well as prevent the spread of infection. Including this treatment in Medicaid dental benefits can be another important step in reducing the barriers to dental care.
  • Currently, MassHealth does not offer non-surgical root canal therapy in their adult dental benefits.

Here is the article for your reference.

Jumbo Steps: A 6-week step challenge

The Tufts University Wellness Center, with Tufts Human Resources sponsorship, is pleased to offer you a 6-week step challenge, Jumbo Steps, beginning on Monday, May 13, 2019.

The challenge involves logging 420,000 steps over the course of the program.  Your goal is to complete an average of 10,000 steps a day.

You may join the challenge as an individual (team of one) or a group (team of up to 5 participants). Throughout the challenge, there will be numerous opportunities to earn bonus steps.

Registration details 
To sign up for the challenge, log in to the Marathon eHealth Portal and click on the Jumbo Steps link under the Wellness section. You can also follow these instructions.
Recognition for your activity!Be sure to fill out the publicity release form at this link so we can announce your name if you win this challenge. 

Contact The Wellness Center at 617-627-0467 or review answers to Frequently Asked Questions for more information.  

Tufts Ruck’s Amazing accomplishment at Tough Ruck

Comprised of 40 dedicated students, staff, faculty and friends, the Tufts Ruck team raised $25,064 this year at the annual Tough Ruck held on Sunday April 14th. Only four other teams registered for the 2019 Tough Ruck raised more funds than Team Tufts Ruck!  In 2018, our novice 50-member team raised $14,470 for a combined total of $39,534 over our first two years in the Tough Ruck.

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Academy of Sports Dentistry gets involved in Inclusive Community Sports Day

ASD members, Jason Cummins (D22), Ajmal Khalid, Kristina Caravelli (D21) and Kristiana Person volunteered by teaching OHI and playing games at the first ever Inclusive Community Sports Day put on by Special Olympics Massachusetts and Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. There was free activities for all ages and abilities. Sports stations for soccer and track & field, fitness activities, yoga, wellness booths, nutrition tips, healthy foods from the Fresh Truck. The goal of the event was to come together as a community to celebrate inclusion and wellness while providing information about the work done by Special Olympics Massachusetts and Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. 

Rethinking Advocacy in Medicine Conference!

The Tufts Social Justice Literacy and Advocacy Club is collaborating with the Tufts University School of Medicine students for the following:

On Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM), the Boston Student Health Activist Community (BSHAC) is presenting Rethinking Advocacy in Medicine, a conference that will present the diverse ways advocacy manifests in the lives of patients, providers, and communities, and why there is a need for interdisciplinary partnership across the advocacy spectrum from the individual level to system-wide. The goal of this conference is to inspire, equip, and connect a broader audience of students to health advocacy throughout Boston.

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Oral Health Education Workshop at Casa Myrna

Chris Hines (D22) and Evan Gallegos (D21) conducted a workshop providing oral health maintenance advice to the residents of Casa Myrna, which is an organization that provides shelter to victims of Domestic Violence.

Evan Gallegos (D21) reflects: “Many of the shelter’s residents were unaware of TUSDM’s dental program that offers free dental services to victims of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence. We were privileged to have the opportunity to recommend TUSDM’s program to them, and possibly connect these underserved patient’s to dental care they would otherwise have low access to. Our primary mission during our vocation as a dentist is to provide dental care to underserved patients, and connect underserved patients to dental professionals. We were extremely grateful for this opportunity that allowed us to work towards fulfilling our career goal. “

Smile Squad Engages with Children at Healthy Kids Festival

Tufts Dental students had the opportunity to set up a table representing Smile Squad at the Boston Childrens Museum’s Healthy Kids Festival.

Mehtab Manji (D22) reflects: “We had a great turn out of volunteers who were engaging the kids into oral health topics using fun activities. The kids had a great time brushing the puppets’ teeth and flossing out play dough from between blocks. I loved how we got to interact with each kid individually and modify our activities depending on their age. At the end, each kid got a goody bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste which made their experience even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back next year!”

D19s’ Gabby Lieberman and Anne Marie Vu receive Presidential Award!

Congrats to Gabby Lieberman (D19) and Anne Marie Vu (D19) for being awarded the Presidential Award for Civic Life. This prestigious awards recognize students from across the University for outstanding achievement in community service and civic leadership during their time at Tufts. Pictured below are Nancy Marks, Prof. Irina Dragan, Gabby, Taylor, Anne Marie and Anne Marie’s mother.

AAPHD Policy Fact of the Week

A Deep Dive into the Connections Between Oral and Behavioral Health”

  • Families USA and Mental Health America discuss the interaction between oral and mental health and its consequences, showing the many barriers to good oral health experienced by this population.
  • For people with mental health conditions and substance use disorders, good oral health is especially important.
  • However, with all the medications being prescribed, they often cause dry mouth, which may result in painful swelling and stomatitis, thrush, and hypersalivation, further exacerbating oral health problems.
  • The CDC estimates that over a lifetime, close to 50% of Americans will be affected by some type of behavioral health issue.
  • With such large numbers, it is time to start pursuing policies that integrates mental health and oral health into the conversation.

For more information, see the attached fact sheet by Families USA.