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19 things to know first year from the D19 Class

  1. 129158999037795335.392. Jumbo Cash at Food for Thought on the Sackler Library 4th floor for student discounts.
  2. Learn to love Boston Kitchen Pizza salads — they are nourishing, cheap, and don’t make you crash (same goes for the delicious hearty Pho at Pho Pasteur)!
  3. Have Irashai on speed dial! Lunch specials are all day as long as you have cash + they deliver for those late night library sessions.Messages Image(1684895981)
  4. There is an ice cream vending machine in the emergency room of the hospital for late night study snacks.

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Updated Student/Class Bulletin Board Openings!

Hope you all checked out the great work of the Global Connections team: Stephie Castera (D16), Elizabeth Betances (D18), and Krysten Herrero (D18)! Thanks for their great work on the DC bulletin board!
Want your group or class to sign up for a month for the 7th floor DC bulletin board? See what months are open below!  Questions: Email Nancy Marks or Aekta Patel! IMG_0303 

January:          D19 Class
February:        AADMD (American Assoc. of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry)
March:             AAWD (American Association of Women in Dentistry)
April:                D18 Class
May:                Open
June:              Open

July:                Open
August:          Open

September:     Public Health and Dental Central


D19s Volunteer at Urban Edge

Last week the D19 class volunteered with Urban Edge, an organization based around helping families in need. Their main aim is in construction of affordable housing, but they also want to strengthen communities and families through their housing. They put on a few events each year and one of the events is the Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. Volunteers from the D19 class were welcomed to attend to help out on this busy day for the community. Abby Manzella (D19) had this to say:

“We had an overflow of students wanting to donate their time but we had to narrow it down to ourselves and three others based on their interest and timely responses. We set up a table at the event with a jeopardy board and different oral care pamphlets. The five of us switched off between working at the table and checking people in. We were blown away by the interest and incredible reactions we were getting from the attendees. The children LOVED the monkey and had to get in line to brush his teeth because they were all so antsy! The older kids and adults loved the jeopardy game and many did multiple questions. Everyone had a blast and we hope that next year we can go back and bring a bigger group of our classmates!! One of the best parts of the evening was when an older woman was complaining about her teeth and Gilbert was able to help translate a pamphlet for her and instruct her to call Tufts to be seen by a pre-doctoral student. She then said that us being there was ‘a blessing in disguise’. It was a wonderful evening for all of us.”

Robert Geary (D18) Reflects on Lecture Given By Dr. Paul Farmer

 Paul Famer Talk (1)On November 4th D18s Lauren Gerkowicz, Mary Keezel, Kevin Campbell, Hannah Cook and I attended a talk by Dr. Paul Farmer at Boston University.  For those that don’t know, Dr. Paul Farmer is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts on public health.  He has a Medical Degree and a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University; and is trained in the fields of infectious diseases and internal medicine.  He is one of the founders of Partners in Health, has numerous accolades, and has been instrumental in bringing quality healthcare to nations around the globe. His talk was titled “ The Current Status of Global Health.”

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SNDA Impressions Day 2015

Impressions Day is an annual SNDA program that invites students from undergraduate institutions and high schools to TUSDM to expose them to the field of dentistry. The event pays particular attention to inviting students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in dentistry to come and learn about the field of dental medicine and Tufts Dental School.

This year, the event had over 120 high school & college student participants and 60 volunteers from the TUSDM administration, faculty, alumni, pre-doctoral program (D16s, D17s, D18s, and D19s), and Kaplan Test Prep.

During Impressions Day, students had the opportunity to learn about
requirements and prerequisites to enter dental school and hear from some of TUSDM’s most esteemed community members, including Dean Huw Thomas and Dean Nadeem Karimbux. Student participants also participated in multiple educational activities including the following: DAT/SAT instructions, mock dental school interviews, and hands on activities: alginate impressions/composite restorations on typodonts. All of these activities were run and led by TUSDM student volunteers.

Check out the photo gallery above to see all the fun!