D23 Weekly Trivia Question: Week 2

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This week’s question:

Name three countries that TUSDM students travel to in order to provide oral health services and education. Bonus: What student group oversees all these efforts?

AAPHD Weekly Health Policy Fact

A recent infographic published by the ADA Health Policy Institute highlighted Emergency Department visits for dental conditions from 2010-2016. In 2016, there were 2.2 million hospital ED visits for dental conditions, and there has been an increase in Medicaid funded visits over the seven-year period. The majority of dental ED visits were triaged as semi-urgent or non-urgent and could be referred or treated in a dental clinic.

The Action for Dental Health Act of 2018 aims to reduce the number of dental visits to the ED by funding preventive oral health programs in states and municipalities, which could lead to healthcare savings of $1.7 billion.  

The infographic has been attached for your reference. Please reach out to us with any questions.

AAPD Volunteers at Chinatown August Moon Festival

Last Sunday, AAPD volunteers provided oral health care information to kids through brushing tutorials and games at the August Moon Festival right here in Chinatown! It was an awesome day teaching and giving out toothbrushes with volunteers Dallas Huff, Sameha Abdulbaki, Yan Lin, Amanda Carlos, David Martin, Lara Adamilka, Maggie Wu, Lauren Lubowitz, and Adi Smith.

Yan Lin (D23) reflects “I am hopeful that our initiative in making teeth brushing a fun and exciting activity for kids at an early age will further encourage them to build a healthy oral hygiene habit that they will carry with them for a very long time!” and Dallas Huff (D23) adds “I really enjoyed interacting with our local community and helping children learn a little bit more about their oral hygiene!”

D21 TUSDM’s 2nd Annual Kickball Tournament

The D21 TUSDM’s 2nd Annual Kickball Tournament is here!!!

Co-hosted by Tufts Academy of Sports Dentistry!!

Please come out and join us on September 8th @12pm at Joe Moakley Park in Southie (take the red line to either JFK/UMass or Andrew stop) for a fun day filled with food, sun, and kickball.

All classes are welcomed to join.

It will be $20 per team of at least 9 players. Please use the links below to register your team with the team name and all teammate info on the spreadsheet.

If you have any questions please contact either Vanessa Diaz, Taylor Welborn or Joseph Dudlek.

Registration fee:  https://secure.touchnet.net/C21525_ustores/web/classic/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=1420&SINGLESTORE=true

Spreadsheet for teams:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1toDhMIHxtc04Q7h3M5vzWXPKYrfpmh-t6fROyqlkDMk/edit?usp=sharing

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This week’s question:

Which student group promotes collaboration between dental and other health professions? (Provide the full name of the group!)

Smile Squad “Rise(s) Up”

Smile Squad had an awesome day on Saturday volunteering for the Rise Up event at the Reggie Lewis Center. Volunteers Lauren Lubowitz (D21), John Sobhani (D22), Monica Dupim (IS21) and Setareh Sepasi (D23) were able to provide oral hygiene instruction and hand out toothbrushes to over 500 children.

Lauren Lubowitz (D21) reflects: “Being at an event with so many children and families made it easy for our impact to be felt. Children left with new, age appropriate toothbrushes ready for a new school year!”

AAPHD Policy Fact of the Week

For this week, we would like to feature the following:

How oral health coverage in Medicare could improve the lives of millions of seniors and people with disabilities.

  • While some states cover extensive oral health benefits with Medicaid, there is still zero oral health coverage for those under Medicare.
  • Families USA, a federal level non-profit organization created state specific factsheets for our Medicare population.
  • Adding oral health coverage to Medicare could help close to 60 million seniors and people with disabilities.

For more information, please check out Families USA’s website (https://familiesusa.org/product/medicare-oral-health-coverage-your-state-would-improve-health-reduce-health-care-costs)

For Massachusetts, we have attached a PDF of the factsheet.

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.